About Ecommerce Warchest

Warchest /ˈwôr ˌCHest/
a reserve of funds used for fighting a war
an entrepreneur’s toolbox of essential apps & resources
necessary tools used to prepare for and win battles against the competition

What is a Warchest?

A warchest is an entrepreneur’s reserve of apps and tools that they have at their disposal to weaponize against their competition at any time. An entrepreneur’s warchest is full of the essential tools they need to keep their business alive and these tools are often their greatest defense when it comes to standing their ground in their industry and rising above the competition.

What We Do

At Ecommerce Warchest, we know all too well how many apps, tools, and resources an entrepreneur needs to have in their arsenal to operate a successful business. Apps help us run our businesses better, so they’re a necessary component of every merchant’s toolkit.

But the cost of apps can quickly add up and it can be time-consuming to source the right apps you need to run your business, so at Ecommerce Warchest we partner with the top apps and tools in the ecommerce industry to bring you the apps you need to build your warchest at an excellent price. This way, you can sort the trash from the treasure more easily and build your resource reserves more efficiently.

Your Vote & How It Works

One of the best features of Ecommerce Warchest is your vote—we use your participation to bring the best deals here! Vote in favor of the deals you like the best and vote in opposition of the deals you’re not crazy about. We listen to your votes and keep the top-performing deals around for longer and the vetoed deals get voted off our (fictitious) Ecommerce Island. It’s all down to you, so don’t forget to cast your votes!


Ecommerce Warchest is for members only—anyone can join but you need the password first! If you want to check out our deals, head on over here to get the password that will take you to the treasure. Don’t forget to share Ecommerce Warchest with any deal-loving entrepreneurial friends!

About the Company

Ecommerce Warchest is a subsidiary of A Better Lemonade Stand Inc., an online ecommerce incubator that helps entrepreneurs in the early stages of their entrepreneurial journey get honest, comprehensive, and reliable advice to help them build, launch, and grow better ecommerce businesses.

Founded in September of 2012, A Better Lemonade Stand has grown over time from what started as a personal blog read by hundreds of visitors each year to what it is now: A complete online hub of entrepreneurial insight and information read by millions of visitors each year. The initial small collection of blog posts published many years ago have now evolved into a well-respected website full of practical and actionable industry advice and thought leadership including resources such as the blog, case studies, ecommerce tools, free guides, premium digital products, video training, and much more.


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